Jumat, 04 April 2014

Tenses dan Contohnya

Pengertian Tenses
Tenses adalah bentuk kata kerja dalam bahasa Inggris untuk menunjukkan waktu (sekarang, masa depan, atau masa lalu) terjadinya suatu perbuatan atau peristiwa.

1.    Simple Present Tense
Tense ini untuk menyatakan fakta, kebiasaan, dan kejadian yang terjadi pada saat sekarang ini (S + V1).
1)     We agree with the speaker’s opinion.
2)    He writes a letter every month
3)     She teaches English every week
4)    They studys matematic every day
5)    They go to Jakarta every years

2.    Present Contonuous Tense
Tense ini untuk membicarakan aksi yang sedang berlangsung sekarang atau rencana dimasa depan (S + is/am/are + V-ing). 
1)     My mother is reading a magazine now.
2)    Mr. Hermawan is teaching English.
3)     Mira is sleeping.
4)    Father is eating lunch at the canteen.
5)    It's a nice day. The sun is shining.

3.    Present Perfect Tense
Tenses ini menunjukkan suatu kejadian yang sudah dikerjakan atau baru selesai.  (S + have,has +V3)
1)     they have met me.
2)    We  have do this English assignments right now
3)     I have listening rock song in my bedroom
4)    Have finished my work.
5)    She has been sick for two days.
4.    Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Tenses ini digunakan untuk menjelaskan satu kejadian yang baru saja berlangsung dan berlanjut. (S + have,has + been + V-ing)
1)     They have been playing football
2)    You have been buying a laptop
3)     Mia has not been driving the car to her office yet
4)    He has not been studing English at school since 2014
5)    He have been cleaning the rooms in the hotel already

5.    Simple Past Tense
Tenses ini dipakai untuk membicarakan tentang satu perbuatan yang terjadi di masa lalu (sudah lewat). (S + V2)
Example :
1)     They were student last year
2)    I saw her standing there
3)     My Father saw bought this car last year
4)    They went to Tokyo last month
5)    She went home two minutes ago

6.    Past Continuous Tense
Tense ini menggambarkan suatu kejadian pada waktu tertentu di masa lampau.(S + was,were + V-ing)
Example :
1)     Andira was singing a song loudly
2)    The team was running
3)     I was working all night yesterday
4)    He was sleeping when I came
5)    The team was playing basketball all day yesterday

7.    Past Perfect Tense
Tense ini mengekspresikan tindakan di masa lampau sebelum tindakan lain terjadi, namun kejadiannya di masa lampau. (S + had + V3)
Example :
1)    Arya had played a game
2)   My brother had slept
3)   I had gone when he arrived at my home
4)   My parents had already eaten by the time I go home
5)   The sky had been clear  after the storm was disappeared

8.    Past Perfect Continuous Tense
Tense ini mengekspresikan tindakan-tindakan yang lebih lama dan telah selesai pada waktu tertentu dimasa lalu.  (S + had + been + V-ing)
Example :
1)    She had been helping me when they went to school
2)   They had been playing football.
3)   She had been singing
4)   John and Merry had been loving each other.
5)   Nina had been cooking.

9.    Simple Future Tense
Tense ini di pakai untuk menyatakan perbuatan yang akan dilakukan pada waktu yang akan datang. (S + will + V1)
Example :
1)    They will sleep in the bad
2)   We will not go to school soon
3)   You will win
4)   I will give you a glass of water
5)   I will change my clothes

10.  Future Continuous Tense
Tense ini  dapat menggambarkan suatu kondisi yang akan terjadi di waktu tertentu di masa yang akan datang. (S + will + be + V-ing)
Example :
1)    He will be coming on time
2)   He will be sleeping
3)   You and me be walking
4)   You will be working
5)   They will be driving home

11.  Future Perfect Tense
Tense ini dipakai untuk menggambarkan suatu kegiatan yang akan terjadi di masa yang akan datang . (S + will + have + V3)
Example :
1)    We will have gone to the school
2)   I will have at Studio if they had inviting me.
3)   I will have been in this hospital until tomorrow morning
4)   Majid will have rented my house next month
5)   Eric will have been in his room until tomorrow afternoon

12.  Future Perfect Continuous Tense
Tense ini digunakan utuk membicarakan tentang suatu kejadian yang panjang sebelum beberapa saat di masa yang akan datang dan terus berlangsung.  (S + will + have + been + V-ing)
Example :
1)    We will have been studying in the class
2)   My grandmother will have been visiting us tomorrow morning
3)   Vinsfeld the thief will have been stealing the diamond tomorrow.
4)   They will have been playing
5)   The cat will have been sleeping long

13. Past Future Tense
Tense ini untuk menyatakan suatu perbuatan yang sudah terjadi dimasa lampau. (S + would + V1)
Example :
1)    They would travel to London
2)   He would forgive you
3)   I know you would prepare all the things for the meeting
4)   She would give me a box of banana cake
5)   The weather would be warm

14.  Past Future Continuous Tense
Tense ini di pakai  untuk menyatakan suatu perbuatan yang sedang terjadi di waktu lampau atau masa lalu. (S + would + be + V-ing)
Example :
1)    He would be living in Europe
2)   My mother would be cooking vegetables
3)   I would be singing Indonesian anthem last Monday
4)   My brother would be finishing Thesis last week
5)   I would be swimming at 9 yesterday.

15. Past Future Perfect Tense
Tense ini digunakan   untuk menyataka suatu  perbuatan yang telah terjadi  dan akan terjadi. (S + would + have + V3)
Example :
1)    He would have finished to studied if he had not been lazy
2)   She would have come here if she had called him.
3)    I would  have seen John if I had come earlier
4)   She would have been married if her parents had permitted.
5)  I would  have sent her a letter yesterday.

16. Past Future Perfect Continuous Tense
Tense ini digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu  peristiwa yang akan sedang terjadi di waktu lampau dan terus terjadi. (S + would + have + been + V1 + ing)
Example :
1)    They would have been working all day
2)   My boyfriend would have been giving flower
3)   By last Saturday I should have been sailing for three days.
4)   Paul would have been studying for two hours
5)   I would have been swimming for 30 minutes